In Uganda access to quality education is very limited for many families, due to low incomes. Educating children and young people is a significant key to preventing poverty continuing from one generation to the next.

Uganda is also a nation of entrepreneurs, and starting a small business can also launch people into a positive future, free of the negative impact of poverty. For this reason, we provide small business training and start up grants, as well as community cooperative programs.

Alaric’s connection with Uganda began more than 30 years ago with a short ministry trip. Alaric always knew that he would return to Uganda one day… but it wasn’t until 2016 that the door opened again, with an invitation that came through a Ugandan friend in England. Fast forward through a series of short term ministry trips, including Jane’s first visit to Uganda in 2019… and we both fell in love with the “Pearl of Africa!”

In 2022 we followed the call of God, and began the transition from doing short ministry trips to spending longer periods in Uganda. In this way we can invest more time in living and working among the people we serve, and help the projects we have started to become well established.

While working closely with our local Ugandan team, and listening to their input, the vision for a primary school and community centre was born.

We work with churches, pastors and other local organisations who care about their community. Our aim is to believe in people, to nurture their gifts and talents, and to provide the resources they need to thrive in life, which empowers them with hope, dignity and a better future for generations to come.

What we care for

Dine with the King community meal in Entebbe

We believe that the vulnerable and elderly have the right to eat. This is why once a month we run a "DINE WITH THE KING" COMMUNITY MEAL

Community Meals & Food Parcels

Once a month our UK charity provides a meal for elderly and vulnerable members of the community in Uganda.

Gathering together as a community, we share a nutritious hot meal, spend time together, and pray for one another. We have a time of worship and sharing the Good News of Jesus each time we meet.

Every regular attendee receives a take home parcel of food essentials to share with their families.

Our senior members are also eligible for our free medical insurance scheme, which helps them to pay for their basic medical needs.

We believe in communities stewarding their resources well. This is why we teach and train community leaders in how to grow and multiply produce, where everybody can lend a hand.


In 2022 we facilitated a week of practical training in organic farming in Entebbe, providing the education, tools and seeds for families to grow their own food at home.

Since then, our team of trained community gardening leaders have organised two more organic farming training programs: sharing the knowledge, encouraging community engagement, and watching the multiplication happen!

Growing organic vegetables at home enables people to use the resources they have available, producing healthy, nutritious food for their families, and combating the effects of rising food prices.

Some of our gardeners have also generated extra income by selling fresh organic produce in small business ventures.

Organic farming project

We believe in the ability of women to create business and produce wealth. This is why we love to empower women through small business projects.


We provide training and start up grants for female entrepreneurs. These are usually widows and single mothers, who have no family or state support.

In this way, women are being empowered financially, and they are providing food and education for their children, through the success of their small business enterprises.

We believe in raising up the next generation. This is why we invest in children and in their education, no matter what their socio-economic background might be.


In Uganda many children miss out on essential education, due to the effects of poverty.

We support a small primary school in Entebbe, which reaches out to children from low income families, and we provide sponsorship and bursary schemes to those children in the greatest need of assistance.

Our vision is to reach even more children who are in need of primary education, by building a non profit school for the benefit of the community.

Educating the next generation
Small business grants training day

We believe in cooperative business ventures. This is why we sow into business initiatives that empower others to build sustainable wealth that can positively impact whole communities.

Business & Cooperative enterprises

In 2022 we established a SACCO (Savings and Credit Co-operative Society) in Entebbe, which is operated by a committee of local volunteers.

We bought two motorcycles and employed two riders to provide an affordable taxi service for local people. With the profits from the business so far, we have launched a SACCO. This cooperative venture is run by the community for the community, empowering people to make positive changes for their future.

We believe in cooperative enterprises and in looking after the elderly

Community health insurance scheme for seniors

We have pioneered a health insurance scheme for the senior members of the SACCO, which gives them assistance with their essential medical expenses.

Crisis food distribution in Uganda



In times of natural disaster, such as cyclones and floods, we can provide emergency assistance, in the form of food parcels and other essential supplies, to help sustain families, as they rebuild their lives.

During the Covid lockdowns, the situation became desperate for many people, who were unable to work and had no income. We provided food parcels to relieve hunger for some of the most vulnerable families.

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