I’ve had the privilege of listening to many people’s stories of heartache and trauma, and have found that for many, the experiences we have in our formative years correlate to the destiny and call that God has put on our lives. Jane and I are no exception.

A major part of my call is to break the orphan spirit off our nation and other nations of the world, by releasing the love of the Father.

My own father left me when I was three years old and committed suicide when I was twelve. My mother told me that my father had never wanted me, which caused me great pain.

After my parents’ divorce, my mother remarried to my stepfather. Then, at age sixteen, I suffered a further loss, when my mother was involved in a car crash, resulting in her sustaining severe brain damage. After this, she required full time nursing care.

I began pursuing information about my biological father, and even tried to contact him through a séance. I believed that if I discovered my father’s identity I could also discover mine.

This search resulted in me feeling lost, and drove me to drugs and crime. I was disowned by my stepfather and ended up homeless, living in a pig sty, with no money and no hope.

It was at this point, in the summer of 1978, that I cried out to God: “If you are real, come into my life. I’ve made a complete mess of it. Jesus, come and change me.”

That night, God came to me in a dream and revealed Himself as Father. As I woke up, He said in an audible voice: “Everything you’ve ever done wrong in your life is washed away in the blood of My Son.”

It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and an unexpected joy hit my chest. I ran down the street, shouting for joy.

Although I was tempted with many things, something marvellous and powerful was changing me from the inside. Although I had many mental health issues, I was being transformed by unconditional love.

As the months and years went by, my soul became more and more renewed. Like a blood transfusion, I was being healed by the power of His love. I was getting to know the Father of my dreams.

My old broken and false identity was discarded, like a reptile shedding its skin. As the old mask came off, the real man inside began to emerge, with energy and creativity, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

All those years I had been searching for my natural father, but I found the Father of my soul, the Love of all loves.

This is the Love that compels me to reach this fatherless generation.

By Alaric Hunt


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