In the second week of 2018 I received a powerful dream from God, which affected me deeply.

In this dream, a prophetic apostolic prayer leader, who recently died and is now in heaven, showed me some truths that I believe God wants me to share.

When a person in a dream shares something significant with me, one of the first questions I ask is: “Who does this person represent in the Kingdom of God?”

This particular leader was passionate about intimacy with God and unity in the Body of Christ. He also had tremendous faith and authority in prophetic intercession. These are some of the things he stood for, so I expected the dream to reveal some insights in those areas. As with many of my prophetic dreams, it consisted of a number of related scenes…

Scene 1

In this scene of the dream, a small group of us were kneeling on the ground in a circle, and we were praying. I started to feel the power of the Holy Spirit, His tangible Presence resting upon us. As we were all praying, in a kneeling position, with our heads bowed, hands placed on the ground, I felt the prayer leader place his hand on top of mine and impart something to me.

Then we all got up from our kneeling positions and dispersed. The prayer leader looked at me and said very clearly: “We stop too soon.”


As soon as we start engaging with God’s Presence and power, we give up and disperse, when we have only just begun. We need to pray more, and to pray together in unity, not quickly dispersing to our separate places. God shows up in power when we pray together. There is so much more that He has for us!

As the prayer leader imparted his anointing for prophetic intercession to me in the dream, I felt a fresh burden in my heart for the Body of Christ to pray in unity, and to persist in our intercession until we touch God’s power, and see the breakthroughs we long for manifesting on the earth.

The enemy will do his best to try to destroy our intimacy with God and our unity with one another. It can be a battleground, but it’s a battle we need to win.

Scene 2

The scene changed and I was at an art exhibition with the prayer leader. He showed me one of his personal pieces of artwork that was being exhibited. This painting was very large, and looked like a huge parchment scroll that had been unrolled and placed on the floor. The picture was of Jesus, painted in multiple colours, but it was the eye that I felt drawn to. The eye was shining with glorious yellow light.

The prayer leader gave me instructions to share his artwork. He wanted the message in his paintings to be spread far and wide. He specifically mentioned sharing the art on Facebook.


We all have a destiny – a scroll from heaven which sets out our calling from God – and it is our life’s purpose to step into this destiny and fulfil it. The art, (creativity), and the eye represent the prophetic gifting, and in particular the seer gifting. To receive from God through our spiritual sight is in our very DNA, part of our calling as believers in Jesus Christ. The desire of God’s heart is that His followers will represent Him well, reflecting His glory, and bringing His Kingdom here on earth.

I sensed the urgency in this. If you are a seer, a prophetic intercessor, or anyone who hears, sees, senses what God is saying – by all means ask God for wisdom and discernment in how to share what He gives you – but don’t be afraid to share it.

The hope filled message of Jesus and His Kingdom needs to be shared far and wide, and the Body of Christ is a storehouse of treasure that many people in the world are waiting to discover.

Why was I instructed in the dream to share the painting on social media? I believe it’s because the messages God is giving His people aren’t just for the Body of Christ; they are to go out to all the world. Let’s use our creativity, let’s use the wisdom and knowledge and prophetic words that God gives us and share them in the world. I know that many are already doing this.  

“I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one – I in them and you in me – so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” (John 17:22-23)

Scene 3

Another scene change and I was then in a quiet room with the prayer leader. There were things I wanted to understand. Deep spiritual things that the prayer leader wanted to communicate. However people kept interrupting with superficial chatter. I didn’t feel any irritation or judgement towards these people, as I could see that they just didn’t understand the urgency of the times.


There are many distractions that can prevent us from going deeper in our spiritual lives. So often we can focus on superficial things, neglecting the deeper riches of God. So often we can miss windows of opportunity that God opens up for us, and the moment has gone. There is no condemnation in this, as God loves us regardless, and will give us more chances. Yet, I felt an urgency in my spirit.

The call

I sense this dream is a call to God’s people for a greater depth of intimacy with Him, leaving distractions behind; for a greater unity with one another; for persistence in breakthrough prayer, (not stopping too soon); and for a prophetic people to share the message of Jesus that they carry into every sphere of influence, for His glory.

For those who can see, for those who can hear, for those who can sense the urgency of the hour, I believe God is calling you to pick up the baton and run with it.

– Jane

Photo by Braden Collum, courtesy of Unsplash


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